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Security Cameras

An effective security camera system serves as a crime deterrent as well as a key method to capture and document security events on your premises. With Riley Security’s security camera solutions, you can keep an eye on your facility so you can focus on what matters: running your business.

Remote Access

Checking in remotely is one of the top reasons people buy security cameras. If you own several franchise locations or have a business that occupies multiple buildings, you can depend on the ability to check in. Being able to check in on different locations is incredibly important.

Property Protection

Riley Security has the experience and expertise to protect your home or business with a security system specifically tailored for you. We install security cameras in Stratford and surrounding area plus++ Data, Voice, and Wireless Network Solutions.

Installation of Security Cameras in Stratford

Riley Security is the leader in security camera systems in the Stratford & Surrounding Areas. In most cases a security camera system will cover its own cost after the first incident recording it captures. Riley Security is your local leader offering business and home security camera solutions.

Security Cameras Stratford

Security camera systems are one of the few business tools that can actually pay for itself in a relatively short time then go on to help deter theft and reduce loss for years. It’s the best investment you can make in your future success.

Improve Customer Service

Business owners are turning to security cameras to improve customer service. Riley Security is your local leader offering business and home security camera solutions.

Remote Monitoring

With a Riley Security security camera system, you can check up on your business anytime and anywhere with mobile monitoring apps that are specifically designed for viewing your security camera system on the go.

Customer Theft

A security camera system combined with crystal clear “Spot Monitors” in public view are the strongest deterrent to shoplifting available. When would-be shoplifters see themselves in plain view and living color, they MOVE ON!

Eliminate Staff Theft

A security camera system is a key tool in protecting your business from employee theft. The hard reality is, a large number of businesses go out of business every year due to employee theft.

Liability Claims

Protecting your business from false liability claims has become an absolute necessity. The best way to protect your business from false liability claims or even a false worker’s compensation claim, is through high quality security cameras.

At Riley Security we install Cutting Edge Security Camera Systems and Networks

Our installers offer a comprehensive expert service ranging from a single camera monitoring one point of entry through to a sophisticated package that monitors every access point (including at walls and fences) and even multiple locations and buildings.

How much will a security camera system cost?

As with any security device, look at the expense as an investment or an insurance policy. Security camera systems are available in a wide range of price and quality. Determining what you want from the camera system will help you choose the right product to meet your needs. Our team will provide support in selection of both the camera equipment and the recording equipment to complete your security camera installation.

Why spend money on a camera system?
Why do I want a security camera system?

  • Commercial

    • Reduce internal theft of inventory and office supplies
    • Improve time and attendance
    • Monitor employee production
    • Reduce shoplifting
    • Reduce theft and vandalism at commercial properties or construction sites
    • Reduce false insurance claims
    • Reduce insurance costs through reduced liability discounts
    • Provide investigators with critical information should an incident occur
    • Reduce need for guard services
  • Residential

    • Deter theft and vandalism
    • Deter break-ins thereby increasing family’s safety when home
    • Create accountability for nurse, nanny, babysitter, house-sitter
    • Allow additional parental supervision
    • Increase personal protection
    • Reduce insurance costs through reduced liability discounts
    • As in business, provide investigators with critical information should an incident occur

What our Clients are Saying

Camera Installation

If there are any alerts, I simply go on my cell phone or tablet and I can clearly see what is going on at the dealership.

Brantford GMC

I cannot believe the quality of the camera in addition to your NVR. We had an analog system, no comparison to HD.